A.S.Pushkin and Tchaikovsky Literary-Memorial Museum

Established in February 1937, located in one wing of the former estate of Davidovs, the so-called Green house, built in the early nineteenth century. In this house there were outstanding heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 Denis Davydov, M. Rayevski, Mikhail Orlov and other Decembrists gathered for their secret meetings . The silence of the house was loved by O.S.Pushkin, and later it became one of the favorite place of P.I.Tchaikovsky. The exposition tells about the activities of Kamyanka Board of the Southern Society,which was led by the Kamyanka estate owner V.L. Davidov, about O.S.Pushkin staying in Kamyanka, who wrote here one of the masterpieces of the world lyrics and ended the poem "The Prisoner of the Caucasus.

Department of the museum dedicated to Tchaikovsky, tells about the special role of Kamyanka in the life of the composer. Because Peter Ilyich came to the family of his sister Alexandra Ilyinichna Davidova during 28 years. Among all towns, which were visited by Tchaikovsky, Kamyanka and family, which associated with it, was often cited in his letters and diary. Here he worked on the largest number of his works (about 30).
The exhibition of literary-memorial museum of Alexander Pushkin and Tchaikovsky presented memorial things of Davidovs family, a private piano of Tchaikovsky, the composer's lifetime portrait, painted in Kamyanka, and other interesting things. Davidovs piano, which was often played by Peter Ilich, still sounds in the walls of the memorial house.

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