Welcome to Kamyanka

And this is really something ... nature, silence, peace, hours fluently pass into the days, province it always called great people in its embrace. So and a small town Kamyanka on the river Tyasmin which its rocky banks gaves the name of the town, has known a lot of famous people such as Alexander Pushkin, here to the sister of wife of decembrist Davidov, arrived to have a rest P.I.Chaykovskiy. Exactly here a composer wrote the opera "Eugene Onegin" and the ballet "Swan Lake”. The Decembrists came to Kamyanka and in the old mill gathered for their secret meetings P. Pestel, S.Muravov-Apostol, M.Bestuzhev-Ryumin.
Kamyanka takes its history from the settlement of peasants-fugitives. Then in 1649 king Casimir presented these lands to Bohdan Khmelnytsky .
By 1787 belonged to magnate Lubomyrsky, who sold locality to G.A. Potemkin. Subsequently, the last owner gave Kamyanka to the widow of M.S. Raevskiy, who then married with L.D. Davidov.

By muses of geniuses the town is illumined Video

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin in Kamyanka

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin and Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ukraine A.Zhumabaev visited Kamyanka of Cherkasy region. The Historical Museum of Kamyanka region was the first excursion destination for visitors, it located in the house which belonged to Tchaikovsky’s sister, where the composer lived during his staying in this town. The park of Decembrists took over the relay entertaining , whose paths once walked Pushkin, Tchaikovsky and their famous contemporaries. Seeing the state structure, Viktor Chernomyrdin promised to help with restoration work in the historical building. Note that it is not only one historical and cultural project in Kamyanka, which is led by Embassy of the Russian Federation. According to words of museum staff, there is a separate program of Embassy, in which for three years Ukrainian festival of poetry "Pushkin’s ring” is held.