Kamyanka historical museum

The Historical Museum, located in the former home of P.I.Tchaikovskys sister, where the composer lived during some time. The house was built in the mid-nineteenth century. In the 20 years of the twentieth century there was Kamyanka Ch.k., later the hospital, then Children's Music School. In 1995 there was opened the historical Museum in this building . During 1995 - 2006 there was done hard work. Today the museum has 7 rooms: Tchaikovskys Memorial Room , ancient history, the period 1917 - 1920, Ukrainian life and ethnography, the development of culture of the twentieth century., WWII 1941 - 1945, The Modernity Room. The exhibition contains nearly 2500 exhibits telling the story of the land from the Paleolithic period (30-50 thousand years ago) until nowadays. Among them - the unique findings of archaeologists, interesting treasures of the seventeenth century., numismatic collection, which covers the time from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. In 1997 there was opened an exposition (a single in Cherkasy region) in the museum that talks about during the Ukrainian revolution of 1917 - 1920. An interesting collection of WWII period 1941 - 1945's, which presents examples of weapons and military equipment.

Art Gallery is located at the historical museum. Among its most interesting exhibits - of our countrymen, Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine Makar Muha and Merited Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Kutsenko. There are also modern works of local artists and regularly organized exhibitions of artists and masters of folk art from all over Ukraine.
The composition of Kamyanka State Historical and Cultural Reserve includes four monuments of urban development, included in the State register of national cultural heritage. This is the wing of farmstead of Davidov (The Green Mill), water mill, built in 1825 - a unique memorial architecture household, founded in the late eighteenth century. and architectural decoration of the park - a grot, also built in the late eighteenth century. In addition the reserve also consists of five monuments of art monument to the Decembrists, A.S.Pushkin, P.I. Tchaikovsky, Stella Decembrists and The Entrance Arch leading into Kamyanka, three natural monuments - Canyon of the Tyasmin River, Trostyanka and Pushkins Rock.

By muses of geniuses the town is illumined Video

Kamyanka is the capital of the Decembrist movement

The Decembrist revolt took place on 14 December 1825. Russian army officers led about 3,000 soldiers in a protest against Nicholas I's assumption of the throne. This uprising, which was suppressed by Nicholas I, took place in the Senate Square in Saint Petersburg. The emperor knew in two weeks about the insurgency. However, from the begining it really confused him. Before the uprising on Senate Square Decembrists had been carefully preparing since 1821, when there was made a Southern Society in Ukraine. This preparing was conducted in a quiet and picturesque town of Cherkasy Kamyanka. There was located the central farmstead of Catherin Davidova, mother of Decembrist V. Davydov, who was one of the leaders of Kamyanka board.

Kamyanka is the capital of the Decembrist movement