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During 1855 - 1878 almost every year Peter Ilyich came to Kamyanka to visit the family of his sister Alexandra Ilyinichna Davidova. It was here where was firstly heard the music of his opera "Eugene Onegin, and were created many other works.

Second half of Kamyankas history of the nineteenth century. closely related to the great Russian composer Tchaikovsky.For nearly 30 years Kamyanka became his second home. To create an enabling environment, a separate wing with three rooms were given to Tchaikovsky. Here and also in Verbivka village which was situated 12 km from Kamyanka, the composer worked on his works: the opera "Mazeppa", "Eugene Onegin", Swan Lake "," Sleeping Beauty " and over the collection Four Seasons and others.

By muses of geniuses the town is illuminedVideo


Probably everyone knows Kamyanka town of Cherkasy region. The Decembrists and Pushkin, Tchaikovsky ... All gathered at Davidovs estate. We all know that Tchaikovsky had lived here for 13 years, and here were written his famous works ...
Still let recall the main Davidovs estate, which was located 10 km to the west of Verbivka because exactly here the famous composer wrote opera to Eugene Onegin" and "Swan Lake".
There were no any trace from luxurious palace. Only one attraction was remained, unpresentable in appearance, but at the same time beautiful in its own way...
The wooden church of the Virgin primarily renowned because Lev Davydov and Tchaikovsky sister Alexandra were married here.